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Antheia Arabians

The Versatile Arabian

I grew up riding Arabian horses as a child. For me they were, and still are, the ultimate riding companion. Able to form an almost telepathic bond, incredibly smart, agile, willing, fast, sure footed, adapable and with an almost inexhuasable supply of energy and incredible stamina, you name it, Arabians can do it and are game to try. I grew up knowing that Arabians were THE versatile breed.

Our breeding philosophy is to produce beautiful, useful horses that 'have a job' and are verstaile companions and not just pretty faces. As a breeder I make a commitment to the horses I breed to give them as broad a skill set as possible and as such all of our horses are broken to ride as soon as they are mature enough. Their training progresses at the speed they dictate to us and there is no set time frame to produce a finished horse. Our aim is to provide them with a solid and wide foundation so that they are desirable to own, ride, show and have fun with. We want our horses to have useful skills that will last them a lifetime. Each horse shows us what they would like to do, and where they will excel.  The bloodlines we breed from were chosen for their excellent, trainable and willing minds, and their soundness and beauty. They are exposed to as many different environments and activities as possible; arena work, obstacle courses, wilderness riding, town rides, beach rides, mountain rides, cow work, riding alone and in company.

Enjoy this magnificent breed, and discover Arabians are not just a pretty face but a superior companion in whatever discipline you choose, both in hand AND under saddle. Have fun, enjoy this most noble breed and Ride Your Arabian!

Om El Benicio, a US National champion in hand, is shown here on his 3rd bridless ride, and only his 20th ever ride in total. What is more remarkable is that he had just returned from competing in the US Nationals in Oklahoma, having been away from the farm for almost three months in Arizona, this is his first ride back upon his return to the farm in Novemeber 2020. He is the epitome of the type of Arabian we breed for that excels both in hand and under saddle being a kind, willing, intelligent worker and beautifully balanced complete horse. Ride your Arabian, the ultimate, VERSATILE riding companion!

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