Our Horses

There’s a very specific look of Arabian horse that I’ve always been immediately drawn to. They must be beautiful, sing with unmistakable Arabian type and drip with gentle fiery charisma. They must  possess a beautiful, fine face, with large, kind, expressive eyes, a shapely neck, short back and have good, strong, usable legs and feet. They must possess elegant tail carriage and float and dance proudly, moving with spirited grace. Temperament is of paramount importance, they must have sound trainable minds, be kind, intelligent, love people, and be eager to work and learn.

Our horses must be useful as well as beautiful. I believe in giving them as many life skills as possible and as such we provide them with continual education and consistent mental and physical stimulus. As soon as they are old enough our horses are all broken to ride - no matter how beautiful or important they are.

~ Diane