Om El Shaheed

Dreamcatcher SMF x Om El Shadiva | 2003 Bay Gelding

Bred by Om El Arab

Om El Shaheed is the ultimate versatile Arabian, the perfect breed ambassador, all round ridden horse and companion.

A strikingly handsome maternal brother to Arabian World Cup Gold Champion stallion Om El Sinon, we are immensely proud that Om El Shaheed was chosen to by the Red Bull Team to be the steadfast mount of skiing legend Lindsey Vonn to star in the beautiful photo shoot documenting her retirement from skiing. Lindsey rode Shaheed beautifully both in Western and English all day at the farm and the gorgeous photos for the Red Bull publication were skillfully captured by renowned photographer Michael Muller.

Although Shaheed is a phenomenal trail horse, and he will happily accompany children around all day, his passion is actually working cows and ranch work. The only time shown he was Amateur Western Pleasure Champion with Diane at the Santa Ynez Equestrian Centre.

Highly intelligent, sure footed and the horse you can literally take anyway and ride through anything, Shaheed adores human interaction and companionship and is, quite simply, the sweetest personality imaginable. He is Dianes personal riding horse at the farm.

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