Om El Fabian Dream

Dreamcatcher SMF x Om El Farisah | 2002 Grey Gelding

Bred by Om El Arab

Fabian really is a dream. His soft and steady, placid and totally reliable personality make him the most perfect beginners and childs horse imaginable. The very essence of being quiet and kind, combined with the fact that he’s completely unflappable, make him a firm favorite with all the children and nervous adults alike.

Originally bought many, many years ago as a black grey unbroken 3 year old as a first horse for our 4 year old son, Fabian has done it all – he has been ponied behind Om El Shaheed with small children for mile upon mile upon mile, through traffic and wilderness alike, over water, through water, across the train tracks, you name it..  he has done ranch work and working cows, to beach rides, mountain rides and everything in between. Time and time again, without fail, he has proven to be worth his weight in gold.

Happiest now in his golden years giving farm tours to members of the family he really is the most valuable horse you can ever possibly imagine.

Om El Fabian Dream Dreamcatcher SMF BB Thee Renegade Thee Desperado+ The Minstril
AK Amiri Asmarr
PH Safina *Lancers Sham
Shaia+ Simeon Shai+ Raadin Royal Star
Simeon Safanad
Bint Zlabiya *Barich de Washoe
Om El Farisah Om El Shareikh Sanadik El Shaklan El Shaklan
Samanna GRSB Gharib
Bint Faarisah *Ibn Moniet el Nefous Morafic
Moniet el Nefous
*JK Blue Faarisah Faaris
JKB Belle Dahma