Bai Zikita

Piechur x Bai Gazella | 1994 Bay Mare

Born in England at the world famous Halsdon Arabians, Bai Zikita has an old school pedigree. Her father Piechur, bred by world famous Janów Podlaski State Stud, Poland was a sire, racehorse and in hand champion. His wins included; All Nations Cup Champion Stallion, European Reserve Champion Stallion, UK International Champion Stallion, British National Champion Veteran Stallion, US National Top Ten Stallion. His Race records: 2/13(10-2-0-0)8 he was also Polish Racehorse of the Year – winner of 8 Stakes races and Polish Triple Crown winner – Derby, Produce & Criterium. Piechur was exported to the USA 1983, to the Netherlands 1992, and finally to his forever home, Halsdon Arabians in England, in 1994.

Bai Zikitas mother, Bai Gazella, was a multiple in hand champion in England and the daughter of an AHS Premium mare.

Bai Zikita was a multiple in hand champion during her youth in England before she moved to New York, where she studied dressage then to Canada and finally to her forever home in Santa Ynez. Completing a magical multi continent journey Zikita came full circle back to the land (and only a couple of miles from the historic Gainey Arabians) where her Grandfather, Gai Gaspatchio, came from many years prior.

We tried for many, many years to get a foal from Zikita but it just wasn’t meant to be. So now she lives out her life in the ‘pensioners pasture’ enjoying the grass and sunshine with her friends just being the beautiful old Polish, English and American lady that she is.


Bai Zikita Piechur Banat El Azrak Faher
Bandola Witraz
Pierzeja Bandos Negatiw
Pierzga Negatiw
Bai Gazella Gai Gaspacho Gai Parada Ferzon
Gay-Grise Ferzon
Baidaa Fari II Blue Domino
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